My Eyes My Hair

As an African-American born with light skin, gray eyes and hair the color of goldfish, Natosha Smart Dooling struggled with bullying from the day she entered elementary school. The harassment that stemmed from being "different" chased her all the way into college and was especially painful because it came from people of her own race.

Proving that the human spirit can always triumph, Natosha navigated through the trials and tribulations of her youth, going on to marry her high school sweetheart, NBA star Keyon Dooling. Even in the world of celebrities, Natosha faced stereotypes and expectations that needed to be defied daily. As her lifestyle changed, she tackled the challenges of frequent relocations, maintaining friendships and coping with the media. In the midst of it, she faced the loss of loved ones and a devastating miscarriage. My Eyes & My Hair, told in Natosha's own words, is her inspiring journey to self-acceptance, to embracing love, life and family and most important, to discovering the peace and empowerment that only comes from knowing God.

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